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Search it on your Sidebar

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Sidebar search engine Gadget

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When you search somthing, do you use Google on your web browser such as Explorer or Firefox ?
If you have Vista, you can search on your Sidebar by using search Gadgets without using web browser.
There are many Gadgets for this purpose, we are trying to use "Super Search Gadget".


After downloading the Gadget and installing that (Double Click!), the Gadget are on your Sidebar as shown in below image.

It's very simple and small.

Google is default search engine and of course, you can change into other serach engines.

Click the Edit Icon(looks like spanner on the right side of Gadget).

In edit menu, six serach engines are prepared, Google, Live Search, Yahoo, Youtube, Wikipedia, and eBay which are most popular search engines.

Although this Gadget have most popular search engines, we can't add another search engine we want.
It's weekpoint of this.

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